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Sustainability with Hygiene and Beauty Products: Starting Points

A lot of our trash comes from the things we have to constantly rebuy, and we are constantly buying more shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toothpaste, foundation, mascara––the list goes on.  We have a lot of trash in our bathroom, and this is a great place to start replacing things because we are rebuying so much of these products, and they are very easy to replace.


Understand your skin and give it simple, clean, products. If you use products with unnatural and harsh chemicals, it’s possible you could suffer for it later. You can use facial soap bars, beauty products that come in sustainable packaging, and of course, just using less. There are so many products out there that are sustainable, that are really good for your skin, and don’t use plastic. Although, we should get to a point where there should be no packaging at all, because even if it is recyclable or biodegradable, it takes a lot of energy to recycle, and it is still in the ground as trash until it finishes decomposing. So, if you can, avoid all packaging, but if you’re using sustainable packaging, it’s better than plastic.

Also, your skin reflects your diet, so one of the best things you can do for skin is to drink a lot of water and get your vitamins through food. Then, if your skin problems seem to persist after you make your diet regular, and you’ve given your skin ample time to adjust, that’s when other products can be brought in to help. I feel this process is something that should be very basic and obvious. I’m no doctor and not even a beauty guru, but I simply believe in not only the complexities of our bodies, but how those complexities allow simplicities. I mean, if our skin is oily, it means it needs oil. Your body is creating oil and putting it on your face for you. That’s crazy! It’s a complex that makes our reaction to it simple.


You’re beautiful and don’t need a lot of makeup. If you rely on wearing a lot of makeup, do whatever makes you feel good, but I know I felt a lot better when I learned to love who I was without makeup, and it was so nice not having to take the time to put it on every day and take it off every night. I wear it here and there, but I definitely wear a lot less than I used to.

This reminds me of a television show I’d watch with my friend, Lily, called “Snog, Marry, Avoid”. It is a controversial 2000’s show, and I say controversial in that while it helps women understand that they don’t need a lot of makeup to look beautiful, the show also conveys that women need to conform to look like a librarian if they’re ever going to get a husband. It’s an interesting and hilarious show that I think is worth looking into.

The point is, if you wear less makeup, there will be less trash, and it might have some other benefits as well. There’s even a reusable makeup removing wipe out there that only needs water for it to remove your makeup––and it’s machine-washable.

I found this wonderful article on different brands that have sustainable makeup.


Deodorant can have so many horrible chemicals that can do more damage than good. There are brands out there that have natural ingredients that don’t cause long-term damage and also have good packaging. My go-to for sustainable beauty and hygiene products is Lush, and although they’re great, they don’t have the best deodorant. They have a powder one (big mistake––got all over my clothes) and then a solid one which just hurt to put on. However, there are so many wonder brands out there that have sustainable packaging and good, healthy ingredients.

Toothpaste can also have so many horrible chemicals! Just do some research!


The moral of this post is to say that when you’re trying to take care of your body, make sure you’re giving it good stuff! It seems pretty basic, right? It’s hard to filter through all the crap companies have given us, but it’s necessary in order to take good care of your body. Also, there are a lot of products you really don’t need. Those pimple patches, that wet brush used for brushing your hair in the shower, those cotton balls––do you really need them?


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