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I’m renovating an apartment

I’m renovating an apartment (as per the title). I am so excited. This is how I feel right now, interior designing during COVID-19.

I’ve always had a dream of becoming an interior designer (specifically, an architectural interior designer). I used to build forts at least once a week with blankets, pillow, and chairs in the corner of a small bookcase in my house. They. Were. Spectacular. And now, I’m in my 20’s and I get to build another bigger fort, except my parents aren’t going to make me take it down for when guests come over! This is a time in my life that I’ve dreamed about.

Here are some pictures of what it looked like at the beginning:

I know, quality photos, and don’t mind my dad in the background of the bedroom photo. Some friends have already helped me paint all of the walls white (excluding the bathroom). Right now, We’re in the process of replacing the carpet now and picking out types for the living room and bedroom. We probably should have replaced the carpet and base trim first, but I was extremely impatient to start, and I could get the old carpet covered in paint since we’re throwing it out anyways. Do you see the picture of the living room (2nd pic)? That’s some disgusting shag carpet. It’s so old and gross and probably filled with drugs from the last dude who lived there (not kidding).

Here’s one of the biggest problems with this apartment: If you live downstairs, you can hear everything. This is actually a problem that’s good for me because not only does this project include making something look better, but I’m being challenged.

If you want to see some of my ideas for the apartment, click here.

I’ll post some more pictures as it comes together, as well as individual posts for the rooms going into what’s going to happen to them.




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  1. Muffy Ferro

    Looks like the apartment is coming together!

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