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Goals Update

One of the goals I didn’t mention in my first post about my goals was learning to code. I did start this with Codecademy for a little bit, but it didn’t last long as I realized I knew a lot already from my CS101 class and I had little patience getting through the first couple of lessons. I don’t think it’s something I’ll continue with.

I have been trying to read more, but I haven’t really. I did start reading here and there, but I just stopped doing it as much for some reason. I’ve been bringing my book with me around the house, but I haven’t actually been opening it.

I have not started to learn shorthand.

So I’ve been lazy with my goals. Aren’t we all sometimes? I swear this quarantine, it’s hard! However, I haven’t been completely unproductive. Some things I have done are:

  • Nail the crow pose in yoga.
  • Start running just about every day.
  • Become a better cook.

In Boston, I would go to the gym just about every day and start with running a mile, but god forbid I ran more than two, so running three miles around my neighborhood every day and doing a workout at home afterward has been so nice. It feels good to be sore again. I guess I needed more physically demanding goals instead of mental ones, which makes sense because of the confinement to my house.

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