Goals and Projects Belle  

Goals for Quarantine

Today, I sat down and finally wrote out some things I’d like to accomplish during this COVID-19 quarantine. I think choosing goals that are attainable but also make me push myself a little bit are going to be healthy for my time management skills (which are plummeting at the moment because I’m confined to my house) and also just mental health. I have a habit of starting books, getting to about a quarter through them, and then slowing down with it while also reading other books. I do eventually finish, but because I’m a full-time student (and an English Major), free reading isn’t something that’s at the top of my agenda. Two books that I would like to finish soon are Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King (my first book of his) and Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng.

Another one of my goals is to learn shorthand. I think it’s such an interesting concept and I think it would be so useful for so many things! And I have the time to learn it anyways. Why not?

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