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Stories Belle

When I knew I was a savage

This is a story you might’ve heard before. Growing up is funny, and it’s great (and I’m only 22). As your mind develops, you’re able to look back on your life and look at your high points and your low points, and better yet, learn from them. I feel like we, as humans, tend to […]

Career Belle

How to Spot a Bad Interview

I am a very picky person when it comes to interviews. You can follow my directions below and deny the job based on these pointers, or you can take the job. Either way, you might learn something. Here’s an example of a bad interview where I took the job: I’ve talked about this job before, […]

New Apartment Belle

I’m renovating an apartment

I’m renovating an apartment (as per the title). I am so excited. This is how I feel right now, interior designing during COVID-19. I’ve always had a dream of becoming an interior designer (specifically, an architectural interior designer). I used to build forts at least once a week with blankets, pillow, and chairs in the […]

Career Stories Belle

A Story of an Unfortunate Intern

This is going to be a story from my own experience working as a law intern. It’s a bit drab since it’s not a very pleasant memory, but I hope what I experienced helps people recognize when you’re not in a good work environment, and also to understand what’s professional behavior. Also, some adults are […]

Goals and Projects Belle

Goals Update

One of the goals I didn’t mention in my first post about my goals was learning to code. I did start this with Codecademy for a little bit, but it didn’t last long as I realized I knew a lot already from my CS101 class and I had little patience getting through the first couple […]

Goals and Projects Belle

Goals for Quarantine

Today, I sat down and finally wrote out some things I’d like to accomplish during this COVID-19 quarantine. I think choosing goals that are attainable but also make me push myself a little bit are going to be healthy for my time management skills (which are plummeting at the moment because I’m confined to my […]