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What it’s like graduating in 2020

Just a couple of months ago, I pictured graduation at Nickerson Field, outside on a sunny day. I would go to my English Department graduation the day before, sit in alphabetical order, receive my BA, and go out to dinner with my family and friends. The graduation at Nickerson would be massive, and I would […]

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I’m renovating an apartment

I’m renovating an apartment (as per the title). I am so excited. This is how I feel right now, interior designing during COVID-19. I’ve always had a dream of becoming an interior designer (specifically, an architectural interior designer). I used to build forts at least once a week with blankets, pillow, and chairs in the […]

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A Weekend Reset

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted last––I’m trying to post every Tuesday now. It’s been pretty busy in the quarantine life believe it or not! Here’s an update from the past week. My boyfriend’s family had an at-home prom, which was super cute. We got to dress up and dance outside with not that […]

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A Story of an Unfortunate Intern

This is going to be a story from my own experience working as a law intern. It’s a bit drab since it’s not a very pleasant memory, but I hope what I experienced helps people recognize when you’re not in a good work environment, and also to understand what’s professional behavior. Also, some adults are […]

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Goals Update

One of the goals I didn’t mention in my first post about my goals was learning to code. I did start this with Codecademy for a little bit, but it didn’t last long as I realized I knew a lot already from my CS101 class and I had little patience getting through the first couple […]

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Why Does This Girl Like Poetry So Much?

I thought I would explain this fondness I have of poetry. We’ve all gone through middle school. We’ve all had a crush and have found some dumb picture with a silly saying or quote about our emotions that better evokes our way of feeling than we can say ourselves. You know what I’m talking about. […]