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When I knew I was a savage

This is a story you might’ve heard before. Growing up is funny, and it’s great (and I’m only 22). As your mind develops, you’re able to look back on your life and look at your high points and your low points, and better yet, learn from them. I feel like we, as humans, tend to […]

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What’s “No Poo”?

Hold onto your bowel movements because we’re not talking about poop here, we’re talking about shampoo. Yes, I know that was a great immature joke, now let’s get crackin’. Have you heard of “no poo” before? Now that you know it’s about shampoo, it means exactly what it sounds like: no shampoo. Now, if you […]

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Plastic Free July: Composting update and buying bulk

If you read my newsletter (because you’ve subscribed to my website), I posted about Plastic Free July and talked a bit about composting. To review, there are many ways to compost. Here’s the two-minute video I posted in my newsletter about how Lauren Singer, founder of Package Free Company and Trash is for Tossers composts […]

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How to Be Sustainable on a Budget

Yes, you heard it. You can become more environmentally sustainable without buying glass or metal straws. If you’d like to buy glass or metal straws though, I quite love them (because of course, I own both) and you can get them on Amazon here. Okay, so here’s the big idea: stop buying stuff with packaging. […]

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What it’s like graduating in 2020

Just a couple of months ago, I pictured graduation at Nickerson Field, outside on a sunny day. I would go to my English Department graduation the day before, sit in alphabetical order, receive my BA, and go out to dinner with my family and friends. The graduation at Nickerson would be massive, and I would […]

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I’m renovating an apartment

I’m renovating an apartment (as per the title). I am so excited. This is how I feel right now, interior designing during COVID-19. I’ve always had a dream of becoming an interior designer (specifically, an architectural interior designer). I used to build forts at least once a week with blankets, pillow, and chairs in the […]

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A Weekend Reset

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted last––I’m trying to post every Tuesday now. It’s been pretty busy in the quarantine life believe it or not! Here’s an update from the past week. My boyfriend’s family had an at-home prom, which was super cute. We got to dress up and dance outside with not that […]

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A Story of an Unfortunate Intern

This is going to be a story from my own experience working as a law intern. It’s a bit drab since it’s not a very pleasant memory, but I hope what I experienced helps people recognize when you’re not in a good work environment, and also to understand what’s professional behavior. Also, some adults are […]