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The Cherry Cough Medicine Story

Recently, I’ve looked back on a memory and can’t decide if it’s a high point or a low point. This is the cherry cough medicine story. Do you ever look back on your childhood and think, “What the hell?” One weekend, when I was 9 or 10, I had a pretty bad cold. I was […]

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What’s “No Poo” and Should You Try It?

Hold onto your bowel movements because we’re not talking about poop here, we’re talking about shampoo. Yes, I know that was a great immature joke, now let’s get crackin’. Have you heard of “no poo” before? Now that you know it’s about shampoo, it means exactly what it sounds like: no shampoo. Now, if you […]

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3 Things You Need to Start a Bullet Journal

How to start a bullet journal? Here are three important things you need to gather to do get started. Honestly, how I learned to make a bullet journal was Pinterest. Since I was used to pre-formatted planners, I knew I need a space for each day of the week along with a notes section. In […]

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Why I Journal

For those that do know me, you know that I’ve been journaling for a long time (since my sophomore year of high school). In my perspective, there are two types of journaling. The first is a diary form, where you write your thoughts and emotions down on paper. The second is task journaling where instead […]