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When I knew I was a savage

This is a story you might’ve heard before. Growing up is funny, and it’s great (and I’m only 22). As your mind develops, you’re able to look back on your life and look at your high points and your low points, and better yet, learn from them. I feel like we, as humans, tend to […]

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6 Tips to Become More Organized

Do you struggle being organized? Is it difficult to find ways to be organized? Hopefully, this post can help you discover your organizing capabilities. There are 4 types of people according to the Huffington Post: Organized and clean Organized and messy Disorganized and clean Disorganized and messy I highly recommend reading the Huffington Post article […]

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I Color-Coded My Apps

I color-coded my apps and it’s the best thing I’ve done. For those who may know me, I can be messy, but for the most part, I am a neurotic, organized person. Why did I color-code my apps? That’s a great question. It started at midnight after watching Breaking Bad, and I didn’t finish the […]

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DIY “No Poo” Recipes

In connection to one of my last posts, I described how shampoo damages your hair by stripping your hair of your natural oils. I shared my method of using a cleansing conditioner in replacement of my shampoo, but if you’re trying to reduce plastic and also want to create your own, here  are three recipes […]

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How to Spot a Bad Interview

I am a very picky person when it comes to interviews. You can follow my directions below and deny the job based on these pointers, or you can take the job. Either way, you might learn something. Here’s an example of a bad interview where I took the job: I’ve talked about this job before, […]

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What’s “No Poo”?

Hold onto your bowel movements because we’re not talking about poop here, we’re talking about shampoo. Yes, I know that was a great immature joke, now let’s get crackin’. Have you heard of “no poo” before? Now that you know it’s about shampoo, it means exactly what it sounds like: no shampoo. Now, if you […]

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An Analysis: Happy Death Day 2U

I was talking to my boss the other day about a new movie on Hulu, Palm Springs, and how it pays homage to the classic Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. I haven’t seen Palm Springs, but I thought of the movie Happy Death Day (2017), where the main character goes through the same day over […]

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Plastic Free July: Composting update and buying bulk

If you read my newsletter (because you’ve subscribed to my website), I posted about Plastic Free July and talked a bit about composting. To review, there are many ways to compost. Here’s the two-minute video I posted in my newsletter about how Lauren Singer, founder of Package Free Company and Trash is for Tossers composts […]

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My Six Favorite Recipes with Lemons

You knew it was coming. Lemons are so versitile and easy to work with, and they’re so tasty which is why they’re my favorite food. Here are six of my favorite recipes that have lemons as a staple ingredient. (With no long introduction about how blah blah blah lemons inspired me blah blah blah I […]