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6 Tips to Become More Organized

Do you struggle being organized? Is it difficult to find ways to be organized? Hopefully, this post can help you discover your organizing capabilities.

There are 4 types of people according to the Huffington Post:

  1. Organized and clean
  2. Organized and messy
  3. Disorganized and clean
  4. Disorganized and messy

I highly recommend reading the Huffington Post article to find out where you stand. Wherever that may be, here are some tips to become more organized:

Get rid of useless things

Admit it, we all have items that mean something to us. But if we’re constantly finding reasons to keep something, we should probably reevaluate our priorities. Simplicity is key! As Marie Kondo says, if it doesn’t spark joy, don’t keep it. And like my mom always says (with clothes and accessories), “If it’s not a 10, don’t keep it,” or don’t buy it.  If it’s a 9, don’t keep it. Only if it’s a 10.

Make lists

I always love making lists. When I feel overwhelmed, I make a list. When I feel disorganized, I make a list. Doing this helps me break down something that might feel overpowering into a sentence or a few words. If I can find a way to do this and see the tasks at hand, they feel more manageable and become easier to prioritize.

Find what works for you

I believe that experimenting with different organization methods is the only way to find which one you like best. Here are some of those methods:

  • Color (for an example, you can see how I color-coded my apps here.)
  • Use (what you use more often vs. what you don’t use as often)
  • Alphabetical
  • Chronological

Don’t buy anything to help you organize

This can create more junk, believe it or not. Use what you already have! There are so many hacks out there where you can reuse cereal boxes, old toilet paper rolls, etc. Get creative and crafty if you have to.

Put time into it

This is probably the most difficult and most important tip I can give, and that is to put time into organizing. No, your time is not wasted in doing so. If you put aside time to keep something clean and organized, you will become more productive.


I’m an avid journaler, and I always recommend doing it. It is something you have to put time into, it’s worth it. I have the worst memory sometimes, so it’s perfect for when I’m busy, but it’s also perfect for when I don’t feel like I’m productive. Here’s why I journal and an introduction to bullet journaling.

I hope these tips help!





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