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An Analysis: Happy Death Day 2U

I was talking to my boss the other day about a new movie on Hulu, Palm Springs, and how it pays homage to the classic Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. I haven’t seen Palm Springs, but I thought of the movie Happy Death Day (2017), where the main character goes through the same day over […]

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Plastic Free July: Composting update and buying bulk

If you read my newsletter (because you’ve subscribed to my website), I posted about Plastic Free July and talked a bit about composting. To review, there are many ways to compost. Here’s the two-minute video I posted in my newsletter about how Lauren Singer, founder of Package Free Company and Trash is for Tossers composts […]

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My Six Favorite Recipes with Lemons

You knew it was coming. Lemons are so versitile and easy to work with, and they’re so tasty which is why they’re my favorite food. Here are six of my favorite recipes that have lemons as a staple ingredient. (With no long introduction about how blah blah blah lemons inspired me blah blah blah I […]