Month: 6 months ago

Career Stories Belle

A Story of an Unfortunate Intern

This is going to be a story from my own experience working as a law intern. It’s a bit drab since it’s not a very pleasant memory, but I hope what I experienced helps people recognize when you’re not in a good work environment, and also to understand what’s professional behavior. Also, some adults are […]

Goals and Projects Belle

Goals Update

One of the goals I didn’t mention in my first post about my goals was learning to code. I did start this with Codecademy for a little bit, but it didn’t last long as I realized I knew a lot already from my CS101 class and I had little patience getting through the first couple […]

Uncategorized Belle

Why Does This Girl Like Poetry So Much?

I thought I would explain this fondness I have of poetry. We’ve all gone through middle school. We’ve all had a crush and have found some dumb picture with a silly saying or quote about our emotions that better evokes our way of feeling than we can say ourselves. You know what I’m talking about. […]

Journaling Belle

Why I Journal

For those that do know me, you know that I’ve been journaling for a long time (since my sophomore year of high school). In my perspective, there are two types of journaling. The first is a diary form, where you write your thoughts and emotions down on paper. The second is task journaling where instead […]