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A Weekend Reset

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted last––I’m trying to post every Tuesday now. It’s been pretty busy in the quarantine life believe it or not! Here’s an update from the past week.

My boyfriend’s family had an at-home prom, which was super cute. We got to dress up and dance outside with not that many people, but more people than we’ve seen the past few weeks. I was given a beautifully complex flower crown (made of real flowers) that matched my dress pretty well. I was also able to give a matching boutonniere to my wonderful date. There was also a small graduation ceremony for a graduate in their family, and they had her walk down the stairs to the classic graduation music with a graduation robe on her back. It was much more lovely than the classic 5,000-person graduation we would’ve gotten, I guess perhaps because it was more meaningful that her family put it together for her. They also had me walk down the stairs after her, and although I was surrounded by a family I didn’t know that well, I felt really happy.

I got to go to Bryce and Zion this past weekend. Although both parks are closed, I was still able to go inside, and even hike 0.1 miles in Bryce. I’ve never been to either before, which is definitely a sin for native Utahns. It was some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve seen in a while. You know when you’re walking in the grocery store, or you’re scrolling through social media and you see a recipe for something you haven’t seen in a long time, and you suddenly desperately crave that food? And then once you have it, it’s like everything you remembered it to be. The smell and the taste take you back to that time and place, and suddenly, you feel whole again. I’ve spent so much time on the east coast, that I always forget that the desert––that’s the good stuff––and it makes me think, “Oh yeah, that’s what I needed.”

Alex and I camped on a hill on BLM land. We had a beautiful view of the sunset from our tent window. We watched it go down, ate dinner in our tent, and watched our new show, Wayward Pines, which I had downloaded beforehand. Since it’s a thriller, Alex and I thought we heard an animal outside our tent, or worse, one of the deformed humans from the TV show. Somehow after that, we managed to sleep peacefully.


We met Alex’s cousin in St. George and went on two hikes in one day. One hike was to see some petroglyphs, which is always so cool to see. His cousin did say that some people draw on the rocks, so some of them aren’t real, but there are originals in there. The other hike was to a slot canyon. Apparently, it’s so crowded that you have to wait in a line to slowly go up and out of it. Thanks to COVID-19, there was absolutely no one there, and we were able to go up and back down it. There was a little bit of claustrophobia, but thank goodness no one got stuck.

I was also fortunate to meet some friends (who are already in my small quarantine circle) to go boating in Sand Hollow near St. George. I am embarrassed to admit that when the name was first said to me, I thought it was spelled “San Halo”. I don’t know why, I really don’t. I even texted it to someone and I don’t know if they didn’t correct me because they felt too bad to, or they honestly didn’t know what on planet Earth I was talking about. Still, it was so invigorating to be in the sun and jump in the water. I felt like a plant performing photosynthesis.

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  1. Alex Johnson

    “That’s what I needed.”

    Right there with you, as always.

  2. Lily

    You’re so cute agghh

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