I’m currently the Marketing Coordinator for GuideCX, a B2B SaaS company in Utah. 

I am very interested in environmental sustainability, and try to educate myself on the subject and practice it. I also love finding new ways to be organized, and I love bullet journaling. You can head to my “Art” page for some bullet journal formats and art.

My favorite animals are ducks, my favorite color is yellow, and I love lemons and sour cream (separately… Unless it’s a lemon sour cream pie).


Salt Lake City

I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah where I attended Rowland Hall and West High School. I’ve loved living in Salt Lake, especially thanks to the skiing and hiking here. Because of my time here, I’ve found many gems within the valley. I’ve always been an outdoorsy person, but some part of me really loved downtown Salt Lake and craved more of that city feeling.


I moved to Boston to attend Boston University for the Class of 2020. My time there got cut off short thanks to COVID-19 (R.I.P. to our graduation), but living in the city was definitely an adjustment compared to growing up Utah. Throughout the past four years, I managed to flourish academically, socially, and environmentally. Although I missed the mountains, I found things in Boston I wouldn’t find in Utah to compensate, like the historical buildings, and the scenery; especially the Boston Public Library.